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We provide quality community health and social services for adults, children and families affected by cognitive or developmental disabilities, behavioral or mental health challenges, domestic violence, or acquired brain injuries.


CWC is committed to improving quality of life for those we serve and our employees by providing opportunities for personal growth, learning, transformation, employment, and self-fulfillment.


  • We respect and value all people for their humanity and empower them to be their best

  • We value teamwork, loyalty, dedication, integrity, diversity, compassion, and consumer choice

  • We pursue excellence every day

  • We give a voice to the less fortunate


CWC celebrates 35+ years of service, as a result of the hard work and effort of so many caring, thoughtful, and concerned citizens. Every day hundreds of staff and thousands of clients engage in a process of open dialogue, thoughtful interactions, and support for personal goals that enrich the lives of all parties. We are, after all, about the "business" of building relationships, positive, lasting, and meaningful ones. We find value in each other and offer unconditional positive regard that fosters recovery, growth and sustained progress.