The Charlotte White Center (CWC) is in the process of restructuring our work force to preserve our ability to provide high quality services to our clients and families, to align ourselves with the best opportunities in gaining referrals, and to strengthen our direct care staffing, all in an effort to eliminate our deficit spending. 

The restructuring will allow for the closing of our Bangor office on July 1st without impacting any of the services we provide to our current and future clients and families.
After 38+ years in operation, CWC will continue to provide high quality community health and social services for adults, children and families affected by cognitive or developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, domestic violence, or acquired brain injuries. 
For more information, please call us at (207) 564-2464.
Charlotte White Center, CWC, Purchase Artwork


"I like art class because I see lots of people and have fun."

"Art makes me happy."

"Art makes me feel good inside and drawing runs in my family."

"Charlotte White Center's Art Program has brought out the star in me.  I really like having my artwork displayed for everyone to see."

Charlotte White Center art classes are a very important part of our Community Support Day Program. Freedom of expression, attention span, ability to follow directions and self esteem are developed.

Some of the artwork is reproduced, marketed, displayed and offered for sale with 50% of the purchase price returning to the artist.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork produced by any of our clients, please contact the Director of Charlotte White Center’s Community Support Programs at 207-564-2464 ext.127, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.