Best of the Best is designed to recognize staff who go above and beyond in the following areas:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Respectful Environment– Strives to be OUR BEST

  • Leading Professionally by example– Strives to be THEIR BEST

  • Giving Support— Strives to help others be THEIR BEST

  • Encouraging Good Communication-  Strives to be the BEST THEY CAN BE                                                                         


                                                                             BTOB - August 2016


                                                    Barbara Skinner and Barry Humbert


                                                                 BTOB - July 2016


                                                           Christine Rice and Vickey Rice


                                                                 BTOB - June 2016


                                                 Elizabeth Bailey and Stephen Ireland


                                                                BTOB - May 2016                                                          


                                                      Pam Raymond and Brian Mahan


                                                                 BTOB - April 2016            


                                                  Aaron Mozsgae and Melody Webber


                                                          BTOB - March 2016


                                          Brooke Stevenson and Bridgett Ireland


                                                   BTOB - February 2016


                                                 Linda Woodbury and Troy Ferree


                                                          BTOB - January 2016


                                                 Sandi Silverman and Kathy Doore


                                                           BTOB - December 2015


                                         Margaret Mackie and Nancy Batchelder


                                                      BTOB - November 2015


                                                 Laurie Foley and David Clukey


                                                     BTOB - October 2015


                                           Debbie Chase and Shelly Gagne


                                                  BOTB - September 2015


                                      Sharon Levesque and Evan Bridges 


                                                BOTB - August 2015


                                Bobby-Lyn Silva and Leslie Gonyer


                                                   BOTB - July 2015


                             Wynona Randall and Andrea Wright