The Charlotte White Center (CWC) is in the process of restructuring our work force to preserve our ability to provide high quality services to our clients and families, to align ourselves with the best opportunities in gaining referrals, and to strengthen our direct care staffing, all in an effort to eliminate our deficit spending. 

The restructuring will allow for the closing of our Bangor office on July 1st without impacting any of the services we provide to our current and future clients and families.
After 38+ years in operation, CWC will continue to provide high quality community health and social services for adults, children and families affected by cognitive or developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, domestic violence, or acquired brain injuries. 
For more information, please call us at (207) 564-2464.

Best of the Best is designed to recognize staff who go above and beyond in the following areas:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Respectful Environment– Strives to be OUR BEST

  • Leading Professionally by example– Strives to be THEIR BEST

  • Giving Support— Strives to help others be THEIR BEST

  • Encouraging Good Communication-  Strives to be the BEST THEY CAN BE                                                                       

                                                                                            BOTB July 2017


                                                              Jessica Sprague & Katlyn Engstrom


                                                                                   BOTB June 2017


                                                                                          Richard Brown


                                                                            BOTB May 2017


                                                                      Terry Bennett & Aimee Kerrigan


                                                                           BOTB April 2017


                                                               Susan Hansen & Sherwood Denham


                                                                       BOTB - March 2017


                                                            Rhonda Noschese & Donna Rollins


                                                                   BOTB - February 2017


                                                        Wendy Clark & Daniel Turgeon


                                                                   BOTB - January 2017


                                                                     Ruby Herring & Carol Horan


                                                                  BOTB - December 2016


                                                                    Gayle Bignell & Dale Martin


                                                                  BOTB - November 2016


                                                                 Lisa Shorey & Linda Littlefield


                                                                          BOTB - October 2016                                                                        


                                                                   Betty Carolin & Lisa Adkins


                                                                BOTB - September 2016


                                                            Stacey Foster & Tara Cates      


                                                                             BOTB - August 2016


                                                    Barbara Skinner and Barry Humbert


                                                                 BOTB - July 2016


                                                           Christine Rice and Vickey Rice


                                                                 BOTB - June 2016


                                                 Elizabeth Bailey and Stephen Ireland


                                                                BOTB - May 2016                                                          


                                                      Pam Raymond and Brian Mahan


                                                                 BOTB - April 2016            


                                                  Aaron Mozsgae and Melody Webber


                                                          BOTB - March 2016


                                          Brooke Stevenson and Bridgett Ireland


                                                   BOTB - February 2016


                                                 Linda Woodbury and Troy Ferree


                                                          BOTB - January 2016


                                                 Sandi Silverman and Kathy Doore


                                                           BOTB - December 2015


                                         Margaret Mackie and Nancy Batchelder


                                                      BOTB - November 2015


                                                 Laurie Foley and David Clukey


                                                     BOTB - October 2015


                                           Debbie Chase and Shelly Gagne


                                                  BOTB - September 2015


                                      Sharon Levesque and Evan Bridges 


                                                BOTB - August 2015


                                Bobby-Lyn Silva and Leslie Gonyer


                                                   BOTB - July 2015


                             Wynona Randall and Andrea Wright