Charlotte White Center, CWC, Children's Case ManagementChildren's Targeted Case Management (TCM) serves case children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health disability, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, or in mental health crisis. We connect children and their families with resources and skills to improve quality of life by using the following strength-based approach:
  • Natural supports: The child/adolescent and family chooses their support team
  • Customized planning for discovering and using skills and available resources
  • Ongoing support is provided as needed


Referral Process

We encourage referrals from individuals, family members, medical community, case managers, DHHS, service providers, schools and local hospitals.

Once referrals are received, a CWC staff member schedules an appointment for the initial intake. The intake procedure involves gathering all the data necessary to determine eligibility, such as previous evaluations and test results.

At present our service network extends to Piscataquis, Penobscot, Hancock, Franklin, Somerset, and Waldo Counties.


Eligibility (Behavioral Diagnosis)

  • 20 years old or younger
  • MaineCare Eligible
  • Diagnosed with mental health disability, behavioral disorder, or emotional disturbance
  • At risk of mental impairment, emotional, or behavioral disorder due to recognized environmental or biological risks
  • Functional impairment: Intellectual, Cognitive & Developmental


Eligibility (Developmental Disability)

  • 20 years old or younger
  • MaineCare Eligible
  • Evidence of developmental delays from birth to five years of age
  • Diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability or Axis I mental disorder from ages six to twenty
  • Child/adolescent at risk, recent assessment & screened for cognitive, mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder


 We encourage referrals from individuals, family members, medical providers, case managers, DHHS, service providers, schools & hospitals  


Contact the Director of Case Management at (207) 947-1410

Funded in part by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services.