The Charlotte White Center (CWC) is in the process of restructuring our work force to preserve our ability to provide high quality services to our clients and families, to align ourselves with the best opportunities in gaining referrals, and to strengthen our direct care staffing, all in an effort to eliminate our deficit spending. 

The restructuring will allow for the closing of our Bangor office on July 1st without impacting any of the services we provide to our current and future clients and families.
After 38+ years in operation, CWC will continue to provide high quality community health and social services for adults, children and families affected by cognitive or developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, domestic violence, or acquired brain injuries. 
For more information, please call us at (207) 564-2464.

Client Grievance Policy

It is the policy of the Charlotte White Center to address any/all client grievances.  The Charlotte White Center believes that all clients should be treated with dignity and respect in order to provide a safe and healthy living environment.


  1. The client will be made aware of their right to communicate grievances and recommend changes upon entering the program at The Charlotte White Center.

  1. The client will be encouraged to freely communicate concerns and grievances to agency staff without restraint, interference, coercion or reprisal.

  1. The client should first notify staff on duty of any major complaint, change or grievance.

  1. The staff must document in writing any complaint, change or grievance communicated by the client.

  1. If the client is not satisfied that the grievance has been sufficiently addressed, they may choose to file a formal grievance with the director of the program.

  1. The director will review the written documents and meet with the client within one week of receiving the grievance.

  1. Requests for change shall be reviewed during staff meetings.



Download these files for more info:

Grievance Form Adult

DD Adult Grievance Process

DD Adult Grievance Form

Grievance Policy