Charlotte White Center, CWC, Shared LivingThe Shared Living Program connects adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities with private families in a long-term residential living arrangement that fosters independence and sense of self-worth.  Shared Living providers offer guidance and coaching on daily living skills including personal hygiene, healthy food choices, scheduling for and transportation to medical appointments, meal preparation, and more. Other support may include respite care, direct support, and training.


Host Families

The Charlotte White Center contracts with an individual or family, referred to as a “host,” to provide a home and share their lives with an individual within a family environment. In order for the placement to be successful, it is crucial that an appropriate match be made between the host and the individual. This occurs through interviewing the host family and eligible individuals who desire this living arrangement.



  • 18 years of age or older

  • Diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability

  • DHHS funding MaineCare Home and Community Based Waiver Approval Section 21

Once eligibility is determined, interviews occur to determine the client’s needs and desires. The team then seeks out providers who best match those requirements.


Referral Process

Referrals for Shared Living can be made by calling the Director of Shared Living at the Bangor office at 947-1410. We encourage referrals from individuals, family members, the medical community, case managers, and service providers. Once the referral is made, an interview is scheduled. The intake procedure involves gathering all the data necessary to determine the best living arrangement and provider type.


Become a Shared Living Provider

Interested individuals or families can contact the Shared Living program director to begin the qualifying process. An application packet will be sent to you which gathers personal and background check information to help us get to know you better. Contact the Charlotte White Center’s Bangor Office at (207) 947-1410 for more information and ask for the Director of Shared Living.

Funded in part by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services.