Through the years, our services expanded to meet other community needs; including award-winning best practice programs, developed through an extensive network of community collaborations and partnerships (see Corrections Program and Counseling Services pages).  Our diverse array of programs and services provide benefits to those we serve and employ, in addition to contributing social and economic benefits throughout our region. 

We provide paid training resulting in state and nationally recognized credenitals for our employees, many of whom were dislocated workers or high school graduates without college degrees.  The workforce training we provide helps to assure career paths in healthcare and social services for those living in rural and economically disadvantaged communities.

We currently lead community initiatives to identify the unmet needs of seniors and people with diabilities to enable them to remain at home and avoid institutional care.  We partner with law enforcement, wardens, park rangers, clergy and emergency first responders to provide Piscataquis Regional Crisis Intervention Training (PRCIT).  We offer a Batterer's Intervention Program with our Domestic Violence prevention agency.  We partner with regional hospitals and local schools to provide mental health counseling.  We have weatherized our residential and office sites and provided weatherization and handicapped accessible renovations to low-income households in our region. 


  • Serves approximately 1,100 individuals and families and employs residents from more than 100 Maine communities

  • Employs 465 people

  • Contributes $9.3 million in payroll into our local economy

  • Purchases more than $3.5 million in goods & services from local businesses in communities where we’re located

  • Donates Payment In Lieu Of Taxes for our properties

  • Provides 491,353+ hours of service annually      

  • Our gardens grow more than 400 pounds of produce

  • We use Good Shepherd Food Bank to maximize nutrition